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Australian Nationalparks

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Tunnel Creek
Western Australia Devonian Reef NPs
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The Devonian Reef Nationalparks are Windjana Gorge Nationalpark, Tunnel Creek NP
and Geikie Gorge NP. During devonian times the area was a coral reef. Geikie Gorge
is about 20 kilometers away from Fitzroy Crossing. A short trail along the gorge can give
you a good impression of the white banded rockwalls. Tunnel Creek is a natural
tunnel that is almost 750 meters long. It was eroded by an underground river through
Napier Range. The tunnel is accessible but you might get wet feet. Windjana Gorge
is a beautiful wide gorge with up to 90m high walls formed by Lennard River.
There are a lot freshwater crocodiles you can watch.
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