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  Most people who visit Australia might have seen one of the famous yellow diamond-shaped roadsigns before, e.g. on pictures, in commercial spots, as a coaster or a keyring pendant. But as you can guess not every Australian roadsign looks like that.
Here I show some examples of all different kinds of roadsigns I met on my journeys. Some of them can be enlarged by clicking on the small pics. Of course there might be a lot of more signs not mentioned here but my selection is to give you an idea of the Australian jungle of traffic signs which is fortunately not as dense as in Germany ;-)

number platesKFZ
number plate of Queensland Australian number plates show - what a surprise! - numbers and letters. Each state (or territory) has its own words beneath the number plate code, e.g. Victoria - the place to be. number plate of Victoria
number plate of Northern Territory The left number plate is a special one showing that you might use some kind of funny items, (c) by Arno Adam)
Stuart Highway When you talk about distances in Australia you talk about real distances not these stone's throws you know from Europe. It quickly becomes four-digit... distances from Australia to the rest of the world
Highway 1 Passing the left sign you'll be more than a day-trip away from Port Hedland. Next to the highway you can always see the distance to the next town (right picture, taken 1000 km later still heading Port Headland). I.e. there will be nothing much but perhaps a roadhouse for a long, long ride... distance
premonitory signsWarnung
flooded road This sign seems to be out of place during dry season in the northern parts of Australia. But during wet season huge areas can be flooded - roads included. At the lowest part of the road there often is a metre rule where you can look up the depth - and decide whether it's worth trying to carry on.
grid Without recognizing you often drive through Australian farmland where e.g. cows can move wherever they want within boundaries provided by fences that sometimes cross the roads. In order to prevent from animals leaving distinct areas grids are embedded in the roads. grid
koalas Beware of koalas! During the day it might be by chance to meet a koala as they normally sit in the trees lazily. And by the way, in my opinion the sign looks more like saying beware of clowns ;-) koala
pademelons Beware of pademelons. These signs are a Tasmanien feature.


Beware of wombats. They look like teddy bears but they've got sharp claws.
kangaroos This might be the most famous Australian roadsign: Beware of kangaroos! Indeed it is the most likely danger to crash into a kangaroo particularly during dusk or dawn. So always be sure to reach your destination before sunset!
dachshunds LEFT: Not an official sign: Beware of dachshunds! Seen in Coober Pedy where dachshunds are bred.

RIGHT: Particularly in Tasmania it is sometimes an advantage to recognize a bend from the distance. The sign tells you the recommended speed for a safe ride.
sharp bend
Touristen As soon as you're dealing with interesting stuff like e.g. gold, tourists might forget any traffic rules. So better place a premonitory sign of a special kind: Beware of crossing tourists! Observed at the visitor gold mine in Bendigo, (c) by Arno Adam)  
roadtrains - up to 50 m long sign at the roadtrain moving roadtrain
Roadtrains are trucks with normally three trailers. But there are a few ones being more than 100 m long.
take care overtaking
other signsothers
next service
emergency airstrip for the Royal Flying Doctor Service
LEFT: In the outback petrol stations are sometimes hundreds of kilometers apart from each other. Often - but not always! - information signs are telling you the distance to the next service station. These signs are located a few kilometers before you enter a town. So you will get some time to think over whether you should buy fuel or make a rest.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service needs airstrips even in the remotest places of Australia. So why not use a highway?

RIGHT: Long drives make you tired and uncocentrated. Free coffe can help along for a while.
free coffee for drivers
town entry LEFT: This town is called Donald. The sign includes the number of inhabitants. Imagine that in Europe! The sign beneath informs that neighbourhood watch is in practice.
RIGHT: This sign marks a pedestrian crossing in Brisbane/QLD.
pedestrian crossing

T-crossing LEFT: Often the names of highways/roads are shown at crossroads.
RIGHT: The current fire danger is shown on signs like these. Even clouded sky is not a warranty for no fires!
fire danger
holes LEFT: Coober Pedy is a peculiar town for many reasons. One feature is the fact that there are thousands of holes in ground due to opal mining. The shown sign warns from being taken by surprise. My favourite advice is Don't walk backwards!
RIGHT: Another rare sign is the one on the right seen at the Great Ocean Road.
Great Ocean Road: high accident zone
street name The left example shows street name signs in Sydney/NSW, on the right there is the common appearance as seen in Hahndorf/SA. street name
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