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  Xaringo Xaringo
Dark and light tiles must be put into right order using different stamps.
1 player
Jumping CrocodilesJumping CrocodilesJumping CrocodilesJumping CrocodilesJumping CrocodilesJumping Crocodiles Jumping Crocodiles
Each player has to move six crocodiles around a big island. You can only move your animals by jumping over other crocs or small islands.
2 players
Shafts of Coober PedyShafts of Coober PedyShafts of Coober Pedy Shafts of Coober Pedy
Digging for opals has left many dangerous shafts all around Coober Pedy. But fortunately you always know how many shafts are just one step away from a position.
1 player
animal row animal row
Five animals lined up but you neither know which animals nor their order. So give it try to find out!
1 player
card pairs card pairs: Sydney
card pairs: nature
card pairs: animals
There are several pairs of identical cards, but tell me where is the corresponding one?
1 player
move game with Devils Marbles move game with Devils Marbles
This picture is a little bit disordered. But there's some space for moving parts to bring it back to order.
1 player