crocodile each of the two players (Dark Green, Light Green) moves six jumping crocodiles clockwise around a main island: crocodile
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Per turn you can choose one of your crocodiles by clicking. Then you can move that crocodile onto a not occupied neighbouring field (water). After that your turn will be over.
Or you can jump over an obstacle (a crocodile or a small island, not the main island) by clicking on that obstacle. You are only allowed to jump over an obstacle when all fields between your crocodile and the obstacle are not occupied (i.e. there's water). Your destination on the other side of the obstacle is as far from the obstacle as your starting position. The fields behind the obstacle must not be occupied as well. You may do several jumps within one turn and afterwards end your turn by clicking on the button belox the playing surface. You cannot jump over parts of the main island and you cannot jump over more than one obstacle at a time.
crocodilewaterwaterwaterwaterwaterwaterwater destinationcrocodiledestinationwatersmall islandwaterdestination
E.G.: In the example shown above the left crocodile jumps over a small island being four fields away and destinates four fields behind the obstacle on the left field marked by a red cross. During the same turn the crocodile jumps over another crocodile and then over a small island (see other marked fields). You can only jump straight or diagonal. To jump over an obstacle, click on the obstacle.
The one who let's each of his/her six crocodiles cross the red line twice clockwise, will win the game. The red line cannot be crossed counter-clockwise! After crossing that line for the second time a crocodile will be taken out going "HOME" above the playing surface. rote Linie
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