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A Mid-stream Of ConciousnessA Mid-stream Of Conciousness (1997)
Wonderful LifeWonderful Life (1997)
On The QuietOn The Quiet (1996)
Spaceman In A Satin SuitSpaceman In A Satin Suit (1994)
SofaSofa (1993)
YizgarnnoffYizgarnnoff (1993)
Heaven On A StickHeaven On A Stick (1992)
Platters Du JourPlatters Du Jour (1990)
Blind EarBlind Ear (1989)
Roman Beach PartyRoman Beach Party (1987)
Kiss Kiss Bang BangKiss Kiss Bang Bang (1986)
The Turgid Miasma Of ExistenceThe Turgid Miasma Of Existence (1986)
Mina Mina MinaMina Mina Mina (1986)
Quintessentially YoursQuintessentially Yours (1985)
The Celibate RiflesThe Celibate Rifles (1984)
SideroxylonSideroxylon (1983)