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Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog, Part 1Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog, Part 1 (2007)
This Is The Magic MileThis Is The Magic Mile (2005)
Real Wild Life - Retrospective, Vol 1Real Wild Life - Retrospective, Vol 1 (2004)
Out-takes, Castaways, Pirate Women and TakeawaysOut-takes, Castaways, Pirate Women and Takeaways (2001)
Smile...PacificSmile...Pacific (2000)
The Blue HouseThe Blue House (1998)
CloudlandCloudland (1997)
With A Knapsack On My BackWith A Knapsack On My Back (1997)
StarstruckStarstruck (1996)
FrontierlandFrontierland (1996)
Exotic Mail Order MoodsExotic Mail Order Moods (1995)
It Was A Mailorder BridegroomIt Was A Mailorder Bridegroom (1995)
A King In The Kindness RoomA King In The Kindness Room (1995)
Death To Howdy-Doody BrigadeDeath To Howdy-Doody Brigade (1994)
Character AssassinationCharacter Assassination (1994)
Serene MachineSerene Machine (1993)
Black Ticket DayBlack Ticket Day (1992)
Honey Steel's GoldHoney Steel's Gold (1992)
Today WonderToday Wonder (1990)
Everybody's Got ToEverybody's Got To (1988)
Rooms Of The MagnificentRooms Of The Magnificent (1986)
Electrical StormElectrical Storm (1985)