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time zones in Australia

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Australia stretches over three time zones, the corresponding time differences with regard to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Central European Time (CET/MEZ) are listed on the map above. The time difference must be added to the European time, i.e. compared to Europe it is later in Australia. That means, the Aussies are ahead of us ;-). If you assume that it is 11:00 a.m. in Great Britain, it will be already 9:00 p.m. in Sydney (New South Wales).
It is becoming a little bit confusing if you apply Australia's daylight saving time (in case of one added hour daylight saving time you'll see "(ST)" behind the running time in the picture above). First it is - of course - used during a different time of year than in Europe, second there is no use of the daylight saving time in Northern Territory and Queensland due to the latitudinal position of these states within tropical influences, where the differences in the lengths of days are not that much. See the following table for details. Clocks are changed at three o'clock on the first/last Sunday of the month regarding the effect on the beginning/end of the month. The date in the picture above is concerning to the northernmost part of the time zone.

daylight saving time in Australia:

Australian Capital Territoryend of Octoberend of March
New South Walesend of Octoberend of March
Northern Territoryno daylight saving time
Queenslandno daylight saving time
South Australiaend of Octoberend of March
Tasmaniabeginning of Octoberend of March
Victoriaend of Octoberend of March
Western Australiaend of Octoberend of March