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  Weather and Climate in Australia

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Australia's climate is due to its size and position as an an island various. Note that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite to the European (winter in Europe means summer in Australia). In this context seasons always refer to Australia. The Australian climate has a special character because of its geographical length, the tropic of Capricorn is crossing the continent right in the middle and roughly parts a tropical north from a subtropical south. The inner part of the continent is mainly under control of dry desert climate, which is in northern and eastern direction followed by steppes with mainly rainfalls in summer. To the south and the west you will find steppes with rainfall mainly in winter time.
Aborigines Giles / Alice Springs

On the shores, which are the main tourist areas, the climate is distinctly different:

The two northern parts Arnhemland with Darwin and Kap York peninsula have both heavy rainfalls during summer and a very dry period for the rest of the year (monsoon). Because Darwin is considerably influenced by the inter tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) in summer (dec-feb), it is famous for the possibility of taking thunderstorm and lightning pictures.
Aborigines Darwin, Aborigines Broome

The southern part of the east coast is not at least because of the damming influence of the Great Dividing Range against moist air from the east famous for precipitation althrough the year. The intensity increases from north to south, the maximum is mostly during summer period.
Aborigines Sydney, Aborigines Brisbane

The shorelines around Perth and Adelaide have their rain maximum during winter time, because they are exposed to the southern hemisphere westerlies. But note that the region around Adelaide has even then not much rain.
Aborigines Perth, Aborigines Adelaide

Eventually there are two remaning parts, the southern area around Melbourne and Tasmania which is seperated from the continent by the Bass Street. Their climates are very similar to German climate (i.e.temperate middle latitudes), e.g. a little bit warmer and dryer than the German city Essen (North Rhine Westfalia). These areas are characterized by equal monthly precipitation and mild temperatures.
Aborigines Melbourne, Aborigines Hobart