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  that's me

This homepage has been totally built by myself and meantime became a stirring hobby. All HTML, JavaScript and PHP sources were written by myself (except guestbook and postcards). I normally don't use any particular editor. But I wrote a Windows-programm PicPager (v4.0) that helps me to produce the picture pages and series and another Windows-programm OffLink (v1.1) that monitors lack of link integrity within australiapics.com.
The intention of this site is to share my impressions of Australia with all interested people and to put across information understandingly. To reach as many people as possible I run this site bilingual, you'll find everything in German and English language (>>> Site-Map). In addition the pages should be consise so that you'll quickly find the information you are looking for. Hence I don't use sumptuous animations and try to reduce loading times as far as possible.
The presented information will never be complete in any way. In fact the choice of topics follows my personal interests and indeed it is always a question of time whether I'm able to present new pages. After all it is only a hobby :-)
I claim the copyright for every text and picture if not else mentioned.

my visits to Australia
1st holidayAugust 1st until September 27th, 1999
rolls47 FUJI Sensia II 100 ASA á 36 slides
1 FUJI Disposal Underwater Camera á 27 color prints
2nd holidayJune 2nd until July 22nd, 2002
rolls41 FUJI Sensia II 100 ASA á 36 slides

about me:

name: Axel Hennig

hobbies: photography
computer, sports a.s.o.

occupation: meteorologist,
organisation programmer

camera:  NIKON F-801

contact: webmaster(at)australienbilder.de